It’s time to break out the easter basket and head down to all the Easter Egg Hunt Celebration in New England.

It’s time to break out the easter basket and head down to all the Easter Egg Hunt Celebration in New England.


Egg Hunt – Fallon Field, Roslindale Village
Saturday, 3/26/2016
Thanks to Roslindale Village Main Streets, children ages 2-6 can join the Easter Bunny to hunt for 5,000 treat-filled eggs hidden throughout Healy Field in Roslindale. Bring a basket or bag to collect eggs. Children under 12 and families can join the parent/child egg toss, bunny hop races, and arts and crafts.

Spring Egg Hunt – Titus Sparrow Park, Boston
Saturday, 3/26/2016
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Titus Sparrow Park features fun activities for all, including refreshments (coffee for moms and dads), arts and crafts tables, cookie creation station, and three separate egg hunts for kids (ages 0-3, 4-6, and 7+).

Annual Spring Egg Scramble – Pope John Paul II Park, Dorchester
Saturday, 3/12/2016
Children ages 4-8 can join in the scramble for candy and toy filled plastic eggs scattered across the field at DCR Pope John Paul II Park in this fun way to welcome springtime in the great outdoors. The DCR and Phillips Candy House celebrate the annual egg hunt. There are over 10,000 eggs for kids ages 4-8 to find, and many special surprises.

Beeping Egg HuntPerkins School for the Blind, Watertown
Saturday, 3/26/2016
The Perkins School for the Blind and the Massachusetts Association of Parents of the Visually Impaired (MAPVI) offer a Beeping Egg Hunt for visually impaired children (pictured). Children who find the special eggs hidden in each section win prizes, and there are goody bags for all participants. A special accessible area for children in strollers or wheelchairs is also available. So cool!

Easter Egg Dash – Paragon Carousel, Hull
Sunday, 3/27/2016
The popular Easter Egg Dash starts at 12:30pm sharp! Colored eggs full of candy are scattered all around the lawn that rings the Paragon Carousel. How may can your basket hold?

Egg-cellent Easter AdventureAppleton Farms, Ipswich
Saturday, 3/26/2016
$30 per family
Kids can learn about the cycle from egg to chicken as they take the “Egg-cellent” Quest around the farmstead, collecting Easter eggs and learning as they go. Enjoy refreshments in the Carriage Barn, visit with farm animals, and play games in the stone paddock. BYOB (That is, bring your own basket). Register in advance.

Attleboro Farms Easter Egg HuntAttleboro Farms, North Attleboro
Saturday, 3/26/2016
The 2016 Easter Egg Hunt at Attleboro Farms begins at 10am sharp. Get ready for a hopping good time with some treats.

Egg Hunt Safari – Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence
Sunday, 3/20/2016
Included with zoo admission
Pick up a Egg Scavenger Hunt Card and follow the clues to different locations around the Zoo to claim your eggs. When your hunting is through, turn your eggs in at a redemption station for a prize. Other festivities during the day include entertainment, activities and games, character meet and greets, music and animal “egg” enrichment.

Photo courtesy of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

Winslow Farm Easter Egg Hunt – Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, Norton
Saturdays & Sundays from 3/5/2016 – 3/27/2016
Adults $10; Children $5
The Winslow Nature Trail holds hidden Easter treasures just waiting to be found by children (ages 1-8). Be sure to look for the Easter Bunny along the path (or a kitty or two!)


Faneuil Hall Easter Egg Hunt – Quincy Market, Boston
Saturday, 3/19/2016
Free; register in advance to reserve a basket
Starting at 10am, kids can head to the Upper Rotunda in Quincy Market to pick up an Easter basket and clue sheet to find out which businesses are hiding eggs. They then roam around the marketplace to discover hidden treats and treasures (pictured at top).

Easter Stories and Egg HuntHarvard Coop, Cambridge
Saturday, 3/26/2016
Children listen to stories about Easter, color, make a craft, and go on an egg hunt (ages 1-6 only).

Easter Egg HuntBass Pro Shops, Foxborough
Saturdays and Sundays 3/19/2016-3/20/2016 & 3/26/2016-3/27/2016
Registration begins at 1:30pm at the main entrance of Bass Pro Shops in Foxborough. Hunt starts promptly at 2pm. Find 5 eggs and return to registration for candy. Ages 2-10.

Little Corner Schoolhouse Premier Early Education and Child Care Center

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Potty Training Tips For Brookline Parents

Potty Training Tips Brookline Parents

When you have a kid under the age of 3, you will have probably noticed an abundance of potty training tips from Brookline childcare, parenting magazines and parenting blogs. However, you can always have no real idea where you can begin. You might have heard your colleagues and relatives who may have older kids regarding their ideal advice for potty training, and then what you may certainly get in reply was various narratives concerning child’s distinctive journey from diapers to huge kid pant. The reason being no 2 children are precisely the same, not really identical twins.

Potty Training Is Not a Rivalry

The vital factor to be aware of is the objective of potty training which is used for your infant to learn how to use the toilet alone. The most significant point is not for your kid to understand how to utilize the toilet prior to other kids learn how to use it, in fact, it is a losing fight to consider it in this manner. The next time your friends inform you that her children starting putting big kid pants while she was two-and-a-half and also never got an accident. Attempt to think about a time while it mattered which you were much better than somebody else at utilizing the Toilet. Potty training is a level, and each and every kid experiences it in his as well as her personal way. If this feels as though individuals are humble-bragging and attempting to cause you to be inferior after they inform you their ideal strategies for potty training, which may properly be the case.

Take Signs from Your Son or Daughter

The ideal tips for potty training are literally questions. While your kid is prepared to be sensitive to potty training, they will begin to show indications of potty training willingness. Insisting too earlier that your kid stay dried up the whole day without diapers will simply result in frustration, and even punishing your kid for facing an accident will definitely bring about him or even her to possess negative feelings towards potty training. For instance, will your kid seem to realize that only little babies and toddlers put on diapers, whilst large child underwear is among the supplies of the optimum of one’s lifestyle, together with attending school, actively playing on the large playing field equipment, consuming with a knife and even fork, then the rest of the items the kid appears ahead to carrying out? The physical capability to handle bowel movements usually builds up before bladder regulation, this also resembles some potty training willingness signs.
Does your kid inform you whenever she needs to use? Does she prefer a certain place or room where she can feel most relaxed to potty? Will she normally have all of them at concerning the same instance every day? If that is so, she could be ready to begin using the potty, even though she sometimes has accidents. Probably most significantly, kids who would like to utilize the potty then should put on large kid underwear if they will need to begin potty training.

Little Corner School House – Premier Early Education and Child Care Center In Brookline Massachusetts.

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To daycare or not to daycare (Brookline Ma)

To Daycare Or Not To Daycare In Brookline

When my baby arrived two and half years ago. We were not sure if we can afford a daycare with our current situation.  In our situation, our combined monthly income was around 70K annually and trust me, with a cost of living we are just getting by. So we were trying to factor in the average daycare cost in Boston and we realized we just cannot afford it. Because my wife was making less. We decided that she can stay home for now until the baby is a little older where she can find another job that will pay more or make more sense for us. Fast forward six months. My wife found an awesome job that fits her talent and also pays more than her previous job. We end up going back to work and we had my retired mother take care of our daughter while we were at work. Needless to say, that lasted one month and she realized she cannot do it. She was exhausted and asked us to see if we can find a daycare for our daughter.

For me, the biggest challenge is trusting someone, a stranger with my daughter’s well being. We finally found a child care (daycare) close to my mother’s house.  It is a small daycare, probably 20 kids at the school. The  teachers are all young adults, very professional and very loving to kids. As soon as I met the director I knew I can trust her. She is just one of those genuine people that are very rare to find these days. In Boston, the average daycare  $2000.00 per month and that’s five days a week. She charges half that price but I have to drive away from Boston. But the savings made sense for us.

Why did we choose to send out daughter to daycare?

First, the social setting of the daycare is very important to us. We want our child to get used to other kids, teachers and learn how to interact with diverse people other than just us her family. Second, we think the daycare setting, learning setting have more value than we can offer her if she stays at home with my retired mother or with her mother (if my wife stayed home).  The activities she gets at daycare is far more interesting that what she can get at home.

What to look for at  a daycare facility (child care center)?

1. Make sure the child center is clean
2. Make sure you feel comfortable with the teachers
3. Visualize your child in the setting
4. Make sure their licenses are up to date
5. Make sure they have vaccination policy (I personally want to send my kid to daycare with vaccination policy. )
6. Make sure you like their curriculum
7. Make sure you agree with their daycare culture.

daycare in brookline, child care in brookline

5 Best Daycare Near You (Brookline Massachusetts)

5 Best Daycare Near You (Brookline Massachusetts)

Here is a list of 5 best daycare near you in Brookline Massachusetts.

We currently live very close to Coolidge Corner Brookline, Massachusetts and here is the list we came up with all the best five daycare near us in Brookline.

1)Little Corner Schoolhouse Premier Early Child Development and Child Care Center.
110 Harvard Street Brookline Massachusetts & 396 Washington Street Brookline, Massachusetts.
Tel: 617-244-1877
2) Little Children Schoolhouse
306 Washington St. Brookline, MA
3)Tiny World Child Care Inc
1613 Beacon St Brookline, Massachusetts.
4) Little Feet Daycare
18 Greenough Circle Brookline, Massachusetts
5) School Is Cool Child Care
115 Marion St Brookline, Massachusetts

little corner school house daycare infant care in brookline ma

Jewish schools, Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development form special bond

Jewish schools, Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development form special bond

Five Jewish preschools in Greater Cleveland are taking advantage of a program funded by Cuyahoga County that helps to identify children with special needs who act out and have trouble fitting into their classrooms.

The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development, a nonprofit organization in Shaker Heights, sends specialists into preschools and early childhood centers to help these children.

As a result, children who might otherwise be asked to leave their school of choice are able to get their emotional needs on track, said Pam Millar, who coordinates the Special Needs Child Care Program for Hanna Perkins.

“We have licensed psychoanalysts who are invited to the schools,” said Millar, Hanna Perkins’ associate director of community engagement and school programs.

Best Early Child Development and Daycare Centers in Brookline Massachusetts.

“We form a relationship with the school.

“The goal is for the therapist to provide teachers with strategies that will help them work with children who may have some emotional behavioral needs.”

Jewish preschools using the program are Hebrew Academy of Cleveland in Cleveland Heights; Park Preschool at Park Synagogue East in Pepper Pike; JDN Early Childhood Center at Bellefaire JCB in Shaker Heights; Solon Jewish Preschool at Solon Chabad and the Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School in Beachwood.

Each school decides independently whether to use the program and then contracts with the Cuyahoga County Office of Early Childhood through Invest in Children, a public/private partnership administered by the county.

All five are member schools of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, which communicates the existence of the program to the schools.

“One of (Hanna Perkins’) board members, Susie Meisel, is also on the board of the JECC,” Millar said. “She was the one who brought this up (to the JECC) and got the ball rolling.”

Anne Sportas, director of Park Preschool, said the program has been beneficial to children there.

“It is my philosophy to have as many children mainstreamed into the preschool experience as possible,” Sportas said. “It really goes along with Jewish values in respecting all of G-d’s creatures and that all people are created in G-d’s image.”

Sportas said Park Preschool has an intervention specialist on staff who assists special-needs students with behavioral or educational issues.

“We work very hard with all our teachers, in conjunction with the Hanna Perkins specialists, to ensure that these children with special needs have their needs addressed and can participate in all of our activities successfully,” she said. “Children with special needs learn to play and interact with all children, and the teachers receive guidance and support from the Hanna Perkins staff, as well as periodic service training, which we appreciate very much.”

The special needs program is also used by Park Synagogue’s Hebrew school and Sunday school, said Rabbi Joshua Hoffer Skoff, senior rabbi at Park.

Millar said Hanna Perkins specialists observe the children and work with the teachers to figure out what to do.

“When a child misbehaves, they are trying to express a feeling that they can’t use words to express,” she said. “Our therapists try to help the teachers understand the child’s behavior, and they will continue to provide the help as long as the teacher requests it.

“The goal is the next time the teacher deals with a similar situation, you want the teacher to be able to handle it (himself or herself). We want to ingrain that in the teacher.”

Millar said the program also seeks to educate teachers “to identify when they need to call us in order to prevent the concerns from getting out of hand or becoming too big to handle.”

“When you have a child who has behavioral concerns, they won’t last long in a preschool program,” she said. “They will put them out.

“We are often dealing with children who have been put out of three or four schools because the teacher doesn’t know how to help the child. The goal is to not keep putting these children out; we continue to provide consistent care.”

In addition to consultation services and state-approved teacher education, the program offers parent education and support, Millar said.

Before coming to Hanna Perkins in 2013, Millar served as director of the early learning child care center at The Centers for Families and Children in Cleveland, where she worked for 32 years.

Millar said she would come to any preschools or early childhood centers in the area to explain about the program. If interested, call her at 216-929-0200.

Early Childhood Council Celebrates the 30 years of free screening

Early Childhood Council Celebrates the 30 years of free screening

The Center of Disease and Prevention statistics show nearly one in five children in the country will exhibit some form of developmental delay or disability.

The Early Childhood Council of Hillsborough County has been on top of the troubling issue for 30 years to make sure such problems affecting children are properly diagnosed and treated prior to their starting kindergarten.

Since 1986, the nonprofit agency — with funding from the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and in partnership with the Hillsborough County School District, the University of South Florida and Head Start — has provided free screenings for nearly 30,000 preschoolers throughout the area. As a result, 75 percent of those tested have been referred for further evaluation.

Daycare and Childcare center near you (Brookline, MA)

The Early Childhood Council — in collaboration with several faith-based organizations throughout the county who open up their facilities — hosts once-a-month screenings for children from birth to age 5 whose parents have concerns about their vision, hearing, speech and language development, motor skills, cognition or behavior.

The most recent screening, which served 70 children, was held at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in New Tampa.

“We have developed a model that provides maximum impact and have removed the barriers that have kept some children from receiving this valuable service,” said Steve Martaus, executive director of the Early Childhood Council.

The key to the success of the project is teamwork, including the assistance of professionals who volunteer their services and number about 75 at every screening.

Among them are people from the school system and students from USF and Hillsborough Community College.

Martaus and Kelley Parris, executive director of the Children’s Board, like to tell the program’s success story involving Jordan, the adopted son of Loren and Tony Dungy, former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a 2016 Football Hall of Fame inductee.

It was through the Early Childhood Council’s screening that their child was diagnosed and got the help he needed regarding the fact his body was impervious to pain and he suffered from anhidrosis, a lack of sweating that can lead to hyperthermia.

“Children are this community’s most precious gift and the opportunity to evaluate a child’s development and prevent possible lifelong handicapping conditions is a resource no child should be denied,” Kelley Parris said.

Daffany Brunson took her 3-year-old son, Chase Brunson, to the screening at St. Mark’s Catholic Church. She was concerned about his enunciation of words.

“So far, so good,” she said. “This screening opportunity is such a blessing.”

Todd and Stephanie Speceh were also at the church with their daughter, Gracie, also 3. They were worried her cognitive development wasn’t on par with most other children her age.

“She’ll have some further evaluation and they’ll help set it up, but she looks to be on track,” Stephanie Speceh said. “This opportunity is great and the screening process moves pretty fast.”

Early Childhood Council Assistant Director Greg Vanplet noted his agency also evaluates and offers support for children by phone, with the help of Champions for Children, another local nonprofit advocacy organization.

Five Best Daycare and Early Childhood Development Centers In Brookline

Things To Do This Coming Weekend In Brookline & Boston Area (March 2016)

Things To Do This Coming Weekend In Brookline & Boston Area (March 2016)

Showcase SuperLux Welcomes Families for Disney’s Zootopia

Starting this Thursday, March 3rd, Disney’s feature length film, Zootopia, will hit the big screen at SuperLux, and all ages are welcome to attend.

SuperLux is typically 21+ after 6pm, but this with this unique offering, there are no age restrictions and families are invited to enjoy the ultimate movie-going experience together!

Additionally, Showcase SuperLux will offer a special children’s food and beverage menu made specifically for the film.

From Cheese Quesadillas to the Decadent Brownie Sundae, kids can indulge on a number of tasty treats while fully reclining in the theatre’s super plush leather seats!

A Sailor’s Life for me at the USS Constitution Meseum

Enjoy a full day of sailor fun at the USS Constitution Museum!

In All Hands On Deck you can explore the harsh realities of life at sea and join USS Constitution just as the War of 1812 is declared.
Discover the unique world afloat and the men and women that made history alongside USS Constitution.
Hands on activities, fascinating personal stories and the birth of a national icon make All Hands On Deck entertaining for visitors from 2 to 92.
Put your mark on history!
Meet a US Navy crewmember and chat about the ongoing ship restoration and about serving on board America’s oldest warship.
Sign your name on a sheet of copper that will be placed on Constitution’s hull during the restoration.
Try out A Mutinous Quest!
Relive the story of Jack Tarr, an ordinary seaman aboard Constitution, and his struggle to decide whether to join a mutinous crew or stay loyal to Captain Bainbridge.
Explore the galleries to find hidden clues to help inform your decision.
Quest kits are available in the Museum lobby.
Or come discover what the Navy Yard has to offer with fun and games for all in our Seabag Discovery Kits!

Available at the USS Constitution Museum or the Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center.

Paint With The Harbor Seals at the New England Aquarium

See firsthand the artistic abilities of our harbor seals, and take home a beautiful memento of your close encounter.

Participants in each studio session with a seal will be invited into the Atlantic harbor seal exhibit to learn about this intelligent local species while working side by side with a trainer. As part of the day’s exercises, your seal will paint a masterpiece using three colors of your choosing.
Using a specially adapted paint brush, the seals at the Aquarium create colorful paintings with a couple of flicks of their head or flipper. You might even get a seal kiss! Professional photographers will be on hand to document your encounter (for an additional fee).
Paintings can be picked up an hour after the session to allow time for drying
● Cost is $100 for an 8” x 10” painting and $150 for a 16” x 20” painting. Price does not include required Aquarium admission● Member prices are $90 for 8” x 10” and $135 for 16” x 20”
● One participant per reservation
● Ages: 9 and up. Call Central Reservations at (617­) 973­-5206 to book these marine mammal programs.

Lion Birthday Celebration at Franklin Park Zoo

Lion brothers Dinari and Kamaia turn seven in March, and guests are invited to celebrate the occasion.
This roaring good time will include special birthday enrichment items for the lions and an education station featuring lion fun facts as well as conservation information.
Guests can also sign a giant birthday card, and enjoy a slice of cake from Montilio’s Baking Company (available for the first 200 people).
Zookeeper encounters will be held at the lion exhibit at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. This is a great opportunity for guests to learn more about the brothers and ask questions.
Please note: The lions will go on exhibit at 10:15 a.m.

Little Corner Schoolhouse Premier Early Education and Childcare Center in Brookline Massachusetts.

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Pick one up for the duration of your stay and explore the sites.

Some Great Daycare Lunch Ideas For Your Toddlers by LCSH Brookline Ma

Some Great Daycare Lunch Ideas For Your Toddlers by LCSH Brookline Ma

What to lunch to pack for daycare by Joey Mallari

My daughter goes to daycare 5 days a week and about 8 hours a day. She is a growing girl and I try to give her a much-needed calorie while she is in school. I usually wake up around 6 am to prep her lunch for the day. For the past couple of weeks, she’s been loving clementines. We always buy a five-pound bag from Wegmans when we do our food shopping on Sundays. I peel them and packed them up on one of her containers. Depends on the size of the clementine but two or three is usually the magic number.

Apples is a hit or miss for my daughter. There are days that she will eat all the apples a pack her and some days she wouldn’t even touch them. Sun Butter and Jelly Sandwich is my go to sandwich. If we are at home that will be peanut butter and jelly but if send it to her school. I will usually sun butter or almond butter as a replacement.

Since she was a baby she always enjoyed frozen blueberries and Greek yogurt. But that container always comes home empty every day.

Organic blueberry waffles from Wegmans are usually her breakfast when she gets to school. But she will eat a fruit or a smoothie while we are getting her dress in the morning.

Friday is usually their Pizza Friday in school so I didn’t make any pasta dish on the video.

For the past month, she asked us to buy some applesauce for her lunch. I guess some of her classmates bring it to school and she wanted one for herself.  The cheese stick is just when she wants a quick bite and she can walk around with it.

best daycare in brookline, lcsh daycare, lcsh infant care, lcsh pre-school, lcsh pre-K

Sponsored post by Little Corner SchoolHouse Premier Early Education and Child Care Center In Brookline, Ma

Pre-k advocates seeking funding increase in Alabama


Pre-k advocates seeking funding increase in Alabama

Increased state funding for pre-k programs has allowed Slocomb Elementary School to offer a pre-k classroom for the past two years, allowing local four-year-olds to get a better start on their education. Early childhood education advocates are pushing for increased funding next year, which will allow the program to reach more students.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to prepare children for kindergarten,” Slocomb Elementary School Principal Barbara Greathouse said.

Do you need infant care in Brookline Massachusetts?
Do you need infant care in Brookline Massachusetts?

Allison Muhlendorf, executive director of the Alabama School Readiness Alliance, said her organization’s Pre-K Task Force is recommending increasing the budget for state-funded pre-k programs by $20 million.

Alabama has one of the best-regarded pre-K programs in the country, but it only provides services for about a fifth of eligible four-year-olds. The program is delivered through public schools, private day cares and religiously-affiliated organizations. The Alabama School Readiness Alliance has advocated for increases for the past few years and has gotten them. The organization has a 10-year plan to gradually increase funding until all eligible students are covered.

State Rep. Donnie Chesteen visited Slocomb Elementary School on Monday and said he supports increasing funding for pre-K. Chesteen said funding for education this year is likely to be better than it has been in several years and that the Legislature is looking at adding $50 million to the education budget, hiring about 475 new teachers and giving a 4 percent raise to educators making less than $75,000 and a 2 percent raise to those making more than $75,000.

“I can’t think of a better investment than continuing to increase funding for first class pre-k,” he said.

Slocomb’s current pre-k classroom accommodates 18 students. The class fills up quickly and additional funding could allow the school to open another.

Pre-k classrooms are taught by a highly qualified teacher and aide. Sarah Jones is the teacher at Slocomb Elementary.

Jones said the pre-k program helps acclimate students to school, giving them the social and academic skills they need to prosper.

“A lot of them haven’t been around other kids, they’ve been at home or with grandma,” she said.

Jones said the program has a real impact on students’ performance once they reach kindergarten. Research appears to support this claim.

Figures from the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama and other organizations show that Alabama First Class Pre-K alums consistently do well in kindergarten and outperform their peers in reading and math and are less likely to repeat a grade.

Mother attributes change in diet to ‘saving’ toddler posted by Ottawa Sun

Michelle Vodrazka


Mother attributes change in diet to ‘saving’ toddler posted by Ottawa Sun


As a fitness model, athlete and Canadian figure competitor, the svelte and muscled Michelle Vodrazka considered herself a healthy eater.

“I had been working in fitness since I was 18,” says the Orléans mother of four. “We ate in the way that we thought was healthy: low fat and low calories.”

She’d feed her family snack foods such as low-fat yogurt and dinners such as pasta with tomato sauce.

“Now, I think of foods like that as just so much wasted real estate,” she says.

The change came three years ago when her youngest daughter got sick.

“Shortly after her first birthday, the connection we had with Noelle started to disappear,” says Vodrazka. “She smiled less, her laughter became infrequent, her eye contact diminished and she slowly lost her newly acquired words. We became helpless bystanders as we watched the light in her eyes disappear.”

Little Noelle started dragging her right leg behind her and began losing her balance. “Then her left arm started hanging at her side almost uselessly,” Vodrazka recalls.

“It was absolutely terrifying. I knew in my gut that something had gone wrong, but I knew that she was still in there.”

While they waited frantically for a diagnosis and medical help, Vodrazka says she “went on Google for about five hours a night” looking at alternative and conventional medical advice and possible treatments.

“I found a lot of advice about changing kids’ diets. Research didn’t seem to support that, but I thought. ‘What have we got to lose?’ ”

Vodrazka cleaned out her kitchen cabinets and changed Noelle’s diet drastically, cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar. She also started packing as many as nutrients as possible into the whole family’s diet, cutting out empty calories and loading up on greens, fruits, vegetables, roast chicken, salmon and so-called “superfoods” such as avocados, raw cocoa, goji berries and camu camu powder.

“Within 10 days I swear that I caught her eye for a few seconds,” recalls Vodrazka.

After 18 months — which also included speech and occupational therapy and supplements suggested by a doctor — Noelle was back, says her mother.

“All of those symptoms disappeared. She was happy to cuddle and kiss. I think a lot of it was the food. We were feeding her brain so it could work properly. Who knows how many nutrients we don’t even know about are missing in processed foods.”

Vodrazka is quick to admit that no one knows for certain what was wrong with Noelle and that she’s not saying that what worked for her would work for anyone else.

But she is so convinced of the value of a nutrient-dense diet that she has now taken several diploma courses, counsels patients in her off hours and has just come out with a cookbook because she wants to reach more people than she can through one-on-one counseling.

“When I look back now at what I thought was a pretty healthy diet, I cringe. Noelle’s battle compelled me to start feeding my family better and to take ownership of my own health. I used to have gut issues and skin issues. I feel better now. I used to get hypoglycemic, I’d have crashes. Now I feel the same at 2 or 3 p.m. as I do at 9 a.m.”

And the woman who admits she never really enjoyed cooking now revels in her time in the kitchen.

“Cooking is meditative for me now. I love knowing that I’m making healthy things for my family. It’s not about counting calories, it’s about counting nutrients.”

Michelle Vodrazka’s top 14 health-changing habits

Choose only one change at a time, advises Vodrazka. “Pick something easy — almost too easy. Keep it up for two weeks. Be patient and don’t expect perfection.”

  1. Start your day with a healthy smoothie.
  2. Eat three servings of vegetables a day.
  3. Try a new healthy recipe every day.
  4. Eat a serving of protein at every meal.
  5. Record what you eat in a food diary.
  6. Eat a large salad for lunch.
  7. Go to bed at 10 p.m. each night.
  8. Be active for 30 minutes a day.
  9. Eat sitting down without distractions.
  10. Eat only until you are 80 per cent full.
  11. Make your dinners from scratch.
  12. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
  13. Walk for 15 minutes each day.
  14. Bring your lunch to work.

Help Yourself to Seconds

What: A new book with tips for healthy living and more than 120 recipes, by Michelle Vodrazka of Orléans.

When: Released last week.

How much:
About $30.

Where: and

Meet Michelle: Michelle Vodrazka will be signing copies of Help Yourself to Seconds at Chapters in Gloucester Centre on Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19, from noon to 4 p.m. each day.


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