Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) Childcare Philosophy (Daycare In Brookline)

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) Childcare Philosophy(Daycare In Brookline)

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH)  was founded in 1989 as a co-educational facility, servicing the needs of parents and their children from 3 months to 5+ years of age.  Our programs include Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K.

At Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) we recognize the needs of each individual child and work hand in hand with parents to provide a safe, loving, and learning environment.  Our child-centered environment promotes growth in all areas of development – social, emotional, cognitive and physical.  The developmentally appropriate curriculum helps to develop the child’s self-esteem.  We encourage self-help skills and support our children’s natural curiosity to explore and experiment.  Our program fosters respect and teaches our children to appreciate the cultural diversity in our school.  We will celebrate customs and rituals that link our diverse cultures together with other families.

At Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) , we understand that the most effective teachers are those who cherish children and take great pleasure in them.  Teachers are the cornerstone of our organization, upon which is built the interaction with children that reflects a sincere commitment to and respect for children above all.

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) shall not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, religion, cultural or national heritage, political beliefs, marital status or disability.
We look forward to meeting your family!

Warm regards,
Ina Brother
Executive Director

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) Daycare In Brookline

As a new parent in Boston. We’ve been researching a  daycare in our area. We The first daycare we visited was in Brookline. The place is called Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) in Brookline Massachusetts. The daycare has three convenient location in Brookline. We visited 110 Harvard Street and their 396 Washington Street location. We loved both locations and the teachers and staff are all friendly and very professional. The students on both school seem to enjoy everyone’s company. Before making our decision, we would like to look at two or three more daycare in Brookline and Boston .

Little Corner SchoolHouse (LCSH) In Brookline Massachusetts

110 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446

396 Washington Street Brookline, MA 02446

You can call them at 617-244-1877 to schedule a tour of all their locations.