Back to Basics Preschool Daycare in Medway voluntarily evacuated due to Co2 leak detected

Back to Basics Preschool Daycare in Medway voluntarily evacuated due to Carbon Monoxide detected

In the morning of January 11, 2016, an off duty firefighter was dropping off his two daughters to back to basic daycare in Medway Massachusetts. According to the Back to Basic Director, she allows them to hang out at the daycare until their school bus arrives. The bus stops in front of Back to Basic front door.  While inside, the off duty firefighter noticed or smelled sulfur inside the building. As a firefighter, He asked everyone to evacuate the daycare as a precaution. He called the fire department to check the smell. The CO2 alarm detected and sounded its alarm right after the off duty firefighter asked the daycare to be evacuated.  According to Back To Basics Preschool Daycare, they practice their fire drills and evacuation drills all the time and would’ve evacuated the daycare as soon as the alarm went off.  All children and staff were safe and the daycare was scheduled to return to their normal hours the following day.

“We are very proud of the reaction of the back to basic staff and able to evacuate the building as requested” – daycare parent

According to the Medway fire department “The fire department’s meters go off at about 15 to 20 ppm, but most home alarms don’t until levels reach “a couple hundred parts per million,”. That is the reason the off duty firefighter detected the smell first before the alarm has gone off. But the alarms in the building were functioning as programmed by manufacturer.

The incident happened early in the morning and many children at the daycare were running late that day. The daycare only had four children present at the time of the evacuation.

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“I am so glad their fire drill and evacuation drills finally paid off at my son’s daycare” – daycare parent

The back to basic preschool daycare response was swift and was able to find the source of the CO2 leak and fixed the problem that morning. Back to basic daycare is now open and resumed their daily schedule.

Back to Basics Pre-school and daycare in Medway

“We love Back to Basics and Wendy! We know she would’ve done what is necessary to protect our children” – daycare parent

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