Brookline Marijuana Dispensary Next To Little Children School House Is Now Open For Business

NETA Marijuana Dispensary Next To Little Children School House Daycare Is Now Open For Business

The new dispensary is located inside the old Brookline Savings bank not too far from the Boston/Brookline border.  Many of the dispensary’s customers have been lining up before the doors even open. Inside you will see there is a lounge area where new marijuana clients can review the marijuana menu. Although the prices are not listed on the menu. I believe there is a Massachusetts law where the dispensaries cannot post pricing. Marijuana clients can only hear about the marijuana prices when they are called in to the counter and presented the numerous marijuana options.

The marijuana dispensary in Brookline Massachusetts is by appointment only. No marijuana clients  cannot enter this facility without an appointment.  Once the marijuana buyer is called in to the counter. They will be presented numerous options of marijuana with different strains of THC. Although there is no set guidelines on what strains does best with patient’s diagnosis.  Many times marijuana clients experiment with different type of marijuana strains  to figure out what works for them.

According to the states tally of marijuana patients have grown dramatically.

October 2014 they were less than 2000 total active patients and 2000 certified marijuana patients.  Fast forward to January 2016 Massachusetts now have 24,000 certified patients and 19,000 active marijuana patients.