Don’t worry about your wife’s post baby body

Don’t worry about your wife’s post baby body

Alright, Newsflash! You’re wife’s body is no longer the same after having your baby. Your wife spent nine months cooking that beautiful baby inside her belly and making sure it comes out healthy. Making sure she is taking your prenatal vitamins, healthy foods (ice cream included) and maybe reading all the baby book at the bookstore. Husbands don’t have to worry too much about their bodies during pregnancy. You know why? Yes you are correct. It’s because we are not carrying the baby our wife is. Although I gained weight about some poundage when my wife was pregnant. I have to be honest watching my wife through her pregnancy make me love her more. The amount of precaution she took while pregnant is amazing and pretty discipline. Pregnancy is does a lot weird thing to woman’s body and the hormone are train wrecked too.

What to expect when the baby is out?

Post baby boobs – they are now fuller and voluptuous and very nice to look at for dads. Although they are awesome to look, those puppies were more for my beautiful baby. I love the fact my wife opted for breastfeeding out baby. For economic sense, we SAVE a lot! After checking out how much formulas are in the market. My goodness my frugal ass almost passed out.

Post baby belly – First time I noticed my wife C section scar and her post baby belly. I was far more in-love with her. I was like those are her battle scars for giving me an amazing and beautiful baby. Whenever she feels self-conscious about her body. I always remind her that I love her before, now and in the future. I like to tell her to give herself a break. She just had a baby and her old body will come back in no time.

Now that our baby is a toddler our gym routine and regiment is starting to get back to normal. And my wife’s body is almost back to her pre-baby body.

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