Some Great Daycare Lunch Ideas For Your Toddlers by LCSH Brookline Ma

Some Great Daycare Lunch Ideas For Your Toddlers by LCSH Brookline Ma

What to lunch to pack for daycare by Joey Mallari

My daughter goes to daycare 5 days a week and about 8 hours a day. She is a growing girl and I try to give her a much-needed calorie while she is in school. I usually wake up around 6 am to prep her lunch for the day. For the past couple of weeks, she’s been loving clementines. We always buy a five-pound bag from Wegmans when we do our food shopping on Sundays. I peel them and packed them up on one of her containers. Depends on the size of the clementine but two or three is usually the magic number.

Apples is a hit or miss for my daughter. There are days that she will eat all the apples a pack her and some days she wouldn’t even touch them. Sun Butter and Jelly Sandwich is my go to sandwich. If we are at home that will be peanut butter and jelly but if send it to her school. I will usually sun butter or almond butter as a replacement.

Since she was a baby she always enjoyed frozen blueberries and Greek yogurt. But that container always comes home empty every day.

Organic blueberry waffles from Wegmans are usually her breakfast when she gets to school. But she will eat a fruit or a smoothie while we are getting her dress in the morning.

Friday is usually their Pizza Friday in school so I didn’t make any pasta dish on the video.

For the past month, she asked us to buy some applesauce for her lunch. I guess some of her classmates bring it to school and she wanted one for herself.  The cheese stick is just when she wants a quick bite and she can walk around with it.

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