The link between early learning in a daycare setting and child development

At this time of year, new Brookline parents will encounter many signs and advertisements encouraging them to register their child now for kindergarten classes or early learning programs starting this fall.

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are critical and set a foundation for all learning that follows. These formative years shape a child’s future health, happiness, development, growth and learning achievement at school, the community, and the family.
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Early experiences provide a strong foundation for the development of future academic skills and have a direct impact on the ability of a child to develop socially and emotionally. In the first three years of development, parents are the main influence on the child’s learning experience and development. What Brookline parents do and expose their children to have a vast and long-lasting impact on the development of the child.

At times, parents cannot do it all alone and that is when outside organizations can help support the role of the parent in these crucial and formative years. As the child grows, different Brookline daycare is available to support parents as they assist their child through these early years of development.

Involvement with early learning programs has proven to be extremely beneficial in supporting parents in helping their child develop and prepare for the years ahead. By accessing programs at early stages of development, parents can further augment the growth of their child and provide for enhanced opportunities that may not normally be available without a good daycare.

Early childhood programs support parents and their children not only in gaining skills and a base knowledge but in the transition from home to school. Entering into an early learning program or kindergarten at a specific level of development is critical to ensure the continuity of a child’s development.

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