To daycare or not to daycare (Brookline Ma)

To Daycare Or Not To Daycare In Brookline

When my baby arrived two and half years ago. We were not sure if we can afford a daycare with our current situation.  In our situation, our combined monthly income was around 70K annually and trust me, with a cost of living we are just getting by. So we were trying to factor in the average daycare cost in Boston and we realized we just cannot afford it. Because my wife was making less. We decided that she can stay home for now until the baby is a little older where she can find another job that will pay more or make more sense for us. Fast forward six months. My wife found an awesome job that fits her talent and also pays more than her previous job. We end up going back to work and we had my retired mother take care of our daughter while we were at work. Needless to say, that lasted one month and she realized she cannot do it. She was exhausted and asked us to see if we can find a daycare for our daughter.

For me, the biggest challenge is trusting someone, a stranger with my daughter’s well being. We finally found a child care (daycare) close to my mother’s house.  It is a small daycare, probably 20 kids at the school. The  teachers are all young adults, very professional and very loving to kids. As soon as I met the director I knew I can trust her. She is just one of those genuine people that are very rare to find these days. In Boston, the average daycare  $2000.00 per month and that’s five days a week. She charges half that price but I have to drive away from Boston. But the savings made sense for us.

Why did we choose to send out daughter to daycare?

First, the social setting of the daycare is very important to us. We want our child to get used to other kids, teachers and learn how to interact with diverse people other than just us her family. Second, we think the daycare setting, learning setting have more value than we can offer her if she stays at home with my retired mother or with her mother (if my wife stayed home).  The activities she gets at daycare is far more interesting that what she can get at home.

What to look for at  a daycare facility (child care center)?

1. Make sure the child center is clean
2. Make sure you feel comfortable with the teachers
3. Visualize your child in the setting
4. Make sure their licenses are up to date
5. Make sure they have vaccination policy (I personally want to send my kid to daycare with vaccination policy. )
6. Make sure you like their curriculum
7. Make sure you agree with their daycare culture.

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