What New Dads Need To Keep In Their Car?

What New Dads Need To Keep In Their Car?


Alright, congrats on your new adventure to fatherhood and parenthood. I remember when we were at the hospital they couldn’t wait to get us out of the hospital to open up more beds. Although I love being at the hospital just because we were taken care of, my baby is taken care of, and I got a lot of my baby or infant care education at the hospital. As soon as I shut my car door and drove away and headed home. That’s when it hit us. Shit! We have a baby. Shit! We are now parents. Trust me, whether you like it or not, you will be in the zombie phase for at least three months.

Because you will be on zombie phase there are times you will forget some of you babay stuff. So its best to keep some baby accessories in your car.

Keep a emergency baby kit in your car. I grabbed one of my wife lulu lemon shopping bag and filled with the following.

  • Wipes – keep them in a nice sealed bag (ziplock bag)
  • Diapers – keep several diapers in the car (remember to change the diaper whenever you guys change in size)
  • Bum cream – just in case there is redness on the bum area
  • Extra pair of clothes – you will need this because sometimes there is explosions or leakage. (trust me, it will happen)
  • Blanket – always keep an extra blanket (you can use as changing pad or to keep the baby warm)
  • Snacks – my go to is the pouches by plum or some other organic brand.

Keep this in your car and use it whenever you need it.

Baby wipes in a ziplock bag


bum bum cream
bum cream


Plum Pouch Snacks


baby blanket